Campsie Fells

“I’m on my way, from misery to happiness today…” – The Proclaimers


Glasgow to Lennoxtown – 40 minutes

Taking the Crow Road from Lennoxtown to the infamous ‘car park in the sky’ leads you to stunning views right over Glasgow and the option to go up the Campsie hills themselves or down to the scenic waterfalls.

The path down and the waterfalls at Campsie Fells

It’s hard to believe this is only a half hour drive from the city centre and it’s a wonderfully idyllic setting to relax with nothing to hear but the running waters and trees rustling.  Of course it wouldn’t be Scotland without some police tape and a pair of skants also being visible, after all it is only a short distance from town and hugely popular on those rare sunny days.


They insisted…

Of course going up the way from the car park is also an option and as you can see the views are highly rewarding and this is only walking 5 minutes from the car park, which is just to the right of the photo, with Crow Road itself in the background.  We continued to ascend for a while after this but a lack of appropriate footwear on my account meant we didn’t go any higher.  What was slightly more embarrassing was blowing out my arse knackered whilst young kids skipped by like it was nothing.  Show offs.

Obligatory selfie to prove it’s my own photos

Short drive so a quick blast of some The Proclaimers Greatest Hits was all the driving music required to get us there.  A perfect starting point for any Scottish exploration.


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