Carron Valley

“Ooh, it’s so good, it’s so good
It’s so good, it’s so good
It’s so good”  – Donna Summer

Glasgow to Carron Valley Reservoir – 51 minutes

A funk and soul medley takes us to Kilsyth and along the tak-ma-doon road which links up with the Carron Valley.  After what seems like a small eternity with James driving we park up at Carron Valley reservoir, we were initially heading for the loop of Fintry but that needs to wait until another driver day.

The reservoir itself is impressive but an aimless wander away from it takes us into deep forestry and a walk both tranquil and a little haunting given I had just watched the Blair Witch Project the week before.  We stumble upon some small waterfalls and another car park before turning back.  The walk is idyllic due to being completely alone in what feels like the middle of nowhere but is a little tainted when out of nowhere tractors and other tree cutting machinery appear and start hacking away at the trees.  Thanks to my imagination going into overdrive at the first sign of darkness we’re out of there.

The drive home is also aimless and we somehow end up out at Fintry.  Every time I head up that way in a car I find new ways of ending up at the same places, discovering new roads, beautiful country houses and wildlife along the way.20170101_153825



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