Mugdock Park (via West Highland Way)

“And I think it’s gonna be a long long time
Till touch down brings me round again to find…” – Elton John

Glasgow to Milngavie – 23 minutes

Glasgow to Mugdock Car Park – 27 minutes

This one was a little different as we started at Milngavie and walked what is the start of the renowned West Highland Way.  This took about 2 hours to reach Mugdock (Elton John helped sing us there) but as you can see it’s not much longer to just drive straight there and explore this huge country park.


The start of the West Highland Way in Milngavie.  This eventually leads to Fort William.


Brewster leads the charge to Mugdock

Mugdock Castle and surrounding area

Probably the best place to walk a dog in the country, Mugdock is a huge natural park home to a fort, castle ruin, courtyard and an excellent play area.  It probably took us as long to explore Mugdock as it did to walk there from Milngavie but that time skips by as you take in all the greenery on offer.  A quick stop at the cafe in the courtyard for a coffee, and a drink for Brewster, before completing the trail and heading back to Milngavie.

When the weather is right there won’t be many places for a family to take kids, and the dog.  Barbecue areas, huge areas of grass to play and picnic benches galore.  All less than half an hour away from Glasgow city centre.


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