The Trossachs Trail

“But I won’t be no runaway – no I won’t run” – The National

Glasgow – Aberfoyle 51 minutes

Linking Callandar to Aberfoyle is a stunning drive that takes you over mountains, past lochs and local wildlife

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Again accompanied by DC we drove to Aberfoyle and took the signposted A821 ‘Trossachs trail’ which leads past Lochs Achray and Venachar and through small villages such as Brig o’ Turk and Milton of Callander.  At just over 7 miles long this is possibly one of our best kept secrets for tourists and something that everyone should experience.

For this drive we started at Callander and followed the scenic route.  The road itself is glorious to drive on initially with long straights before becoming windy, and slightly treacherous, the higher you get.  I quickly lost count of the number of times we pulled over for photos or to inspect something further.  Along this road are bike trails, forest walks, picnic areas and even the option of a boat cruise.  On this occasion we were happy to just travel the road and make plans for the next visit.

You drive along with, round and over 3 separate Lochs as you go up and over a small mountain.  Sheep and goats could welcome you at any bend so speed has to be watched.  Highland cows are also very stubborn when it comes to posing for photos much to the Swedish tourist we mets detriment.

The National accompanied us on this with their albums ‘High Violet’ and ‘Trouble Will Find Me’.  Beautiful music for a beautiful drive.


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