Ben A’an

“Didn’t I take you to, higher places you can’t reach without me?” – Jamie XX


Glasgow to Ben A’an – 1h 19m

Slightly cheating and going over the 1 hour mark with this but it’s my blog and rules are made to be broken.  One of Scotlands most popular small mountains and tucked between Loch Katrine and Loch Achray we opt for Jamie XX’s debut solo album ‘In Colour’ for the drive for a wee adrenaline bump.  Taking us round Loch Lomond to get there it’s a beautiful road that sets you up for the steep, but comfortable enough 454m ascent to the top.

It takes just over 2 hours but the reward is in the stunning views at the top (and the extra large twix that got scranned).  As you can see in the photos, you’re looking over Loch Katrine and a seemingly endless view of forestry.  Again I’m left a bit amazed at how all of this is just a short drive away from the industrial life of Glasgow city centre.

The walk down is a bit slippy but no problem.  For anyone hoping to get into climbing/walking this is a perfect starting point.  Upon completing this I’m ready to take on anything, then get out of breath climbing the stairs…



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