Port of Menteith

“How I wish, how I wish you were here” – Pink Floyd


Glasgow to Port of Menteith – 53 minutes

New Years Day 2017.  Quite depressingly I wake up with no hangover after a quiet night in, I feel old.  DC suggests going for a drive and I enthusiastically agree.  I feel even older.

‘Echoes’ one of several Pink Floyds greatest hits records accompanies the familiar journey over the Campsies, through Fintry until we stumble upon Port of Menteith.  There’s one board with historical information on it.  Lake Menteith is Scotlands only Lake due to a mapping error back in the day, it should be a Loch but isn’t.  I find this fascinating.  I feel even older still.

The tourist attraction is the small island Inchmahome, visited by Robert the Bruce just prior to the Battle of Bannockburn, and also used as an island of refuge for Mary Queen of Scots when she was young.  There is a charming board where you can indicate if you want to sail over to the island.  Unfortunately it’s closed on New Years Day.

The small harbour itself is surprisingly with guests from a nearby hotel.  As far as hidden gems for Scottish history goes it’s excellent.  Recommended to visit on a day the boat is available to visit the island.

More information is available on the excellent website http://www.portofmenteith.org.uk/






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