“Sleeping is giving in – so lift those heavy eyelids” – Arcade Fire



Glasgow to Troon – 36 minutes

Pop down the M77 towards Prestwick Airport and you drive past Troon, a small Ayrshire village best known for its golf course that hosted the British Open as recently as just last year


Troon golf course

Arcade Fires excellent debut album ‘Funeral’ accompanied me along the way and, whilst the drive itself is nothing special until you come off the motorway, the rewards at the end are great.  A beautiful beach to aimlessly wonder along, seaside chippies offering up a solid 8/10 fish supper and on the 1 or 2 days of the year the weather is right, good ice cream options.  It was quiet when I visited due to it being winter but that led to a nice moment of enjoying a coffee and listening to some Leonard Cohen whilst rambling.  A steady stream of dog walkers and metal detectors are the only other people I encounter.

The sunset leads to some great images as seen above.  Factor in the surreal scenes of low flying planes preparing to land at Prestwick airport occasionally disrupting the tranquility of it all and you see Troon is a fairly unique escape.  Maybe best suited for the summer months however.



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